S    T    U    D    I    O    S 

Helping rock/metal artists achieve professional sounding mixes through a collaborative process




What sound do you hear in your head? I'll be super happy to deliver mixes tailored to your needs, and we do it through a process that puts your vision as top priority.


Finalizing the mixes for release, and making sure that they sound great and have the flow that you want.


Using your DI tracks I can get the tones you want for guitar and bass. Distorted, clean, ambient, wacky, you name it!


The full list of releases mixed at Punch Sector Studios can be found here:

  • Spotify Social Ikon


My name is Johan Martin. The thing in life that keeps me up at night (for way too long) is mixing. I love taking the ingredients that are the recorded instruments and shaping them into something that sounds great. To me there's nothing better than a fat punchy kick drum, walls of heavy guitars, or wild dynamic changes.

I started recording and mixing in 2011, and eventually got the hang of it after a few years. It really took off when I joined Nail the Mix in September 2016, then I realised that this is what I want to do. Since then I've been in their monthly Top 20 poll a total of 17 times, and I've won the grand prize three times, in December 2017, August 2019, and October 2019, competing against hundreds of other mixers.

A professional sound is one of the key elements for a band to be taken seriously and get an audience. I will do my absolute best and more to take your sound to the next level, whether it's brutal, dynamic, fat, massive, snappy, beautiful, or anything you might need. Maybe you have a clear sonic vision, or you can let me make the decisions. Maybe it's not even rock or metal! In either case I'm here to make your music sound as good as possible.

Photos by: karinjohannamaria.se


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